Excessive Sweating Due to Mucus Phlegm : Know the Truth of This Condition

Published: 04th February 2010
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Many of us have experienced excessive sweating due to mucus phlegm, the feeling of thick mucus or phlegm lodged in your throat as you try to cough it out makes you sweat profusely. All the more you are in a public place and you try to expel those dry and sticky phlegm. Your body becomes sweaty due to the stress you are in and the uneasiness you feel, sounds familiar? Excessive sweating can be a cause of some respiratory ailments. Such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, and other lung diseases.

Excessive sweating can sometimes be a due to the drugs and medication a person is taking to excrete the thick mucus and phlegm build up. This drug medication can also contribute to the over activity of the sweat glands because there are drug component that are responsible for mucus and phlegm to lessen its viscosity. These drug components can affect the neurotransmitters' to send signals to produce sweat. Excessive sweating are sometimes accompanied by fever and other underlying disease. Like Cystic Fibrosis. CF or cystic fibrosis is an abnormality of the genes that causes the mucus to become thick and viscous. This mucus builds up and blocks the passage of the air and lungs. Making the lungs prone to bacterial infection.

Cystic Fibrosis also causes the sweat to produce extremely salty sweats. Because it affects the movement of the water and salt that is going in and out of the cells. If this gene has an abnormality, the result is that the body may lose large amount of salt that can affect in the balance of minerals in the blood. This will lead to excessive sweating build up in the lungs. Excessive affects millions of people around the world but these shows no signs or symptoms or manifestation of some underlying health problems. Some may suspect that it is only due to the coughing or some lung disorder. Some drugs that helps in the lowering of blood pressure and treat heart disease has coughing and sweating as side effects. So the more you take this drugs you produce more sweat and cough more. Another medical condition to look in to the contribution of excessive sweating is Asthma.

Asthmatics suffer from excessive coughing and phlegm discharge to excessive sweating due to mucus phlegm thickness in the lungs thus blocking the passage of air. The medicines that are usually used to treat asthma cause excessive sweating. Again, it is wise to take a look and study the factors why a person is profusely sweating.

Consulting your doctor and undergo extensive physical examination and laboratory test will help in determining what is the cause of your disorder. There might be an underlying cause why you are experiencing these symptoms that only manifest into your body as sweat. There are ways to treat and cure this disease just know which of the factors that are affecting your body, so that proper care and medication can be given.

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